This article helps you with the steps and tasks during the fourth phase of your implementation. If you at any point have any questions, remember we are available in the chat down to the right!

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How Vacation in AlexisHR works

Setting up initial vacation balance in AlexisHR is a manual task with a couple of steps. Since this can be quite confusing the first time your CSM will help you get going. But for them to be able to help there's some things you need to prepare for them. It's also important to give your CSM the time needed for this, so make sure to follow their instructions!

  • What rules are in place controlling the vacation balance?

  • Have these rules been followed or are there people with balances that doesn't follow the rules?

  • Do you know the vacation balance of all your employees or do you need to involve other parties in this conversation?

If you want to know how vacations are calculated and what types are supported, we have a couple of articles on the topic:

SSO and Integrations

AlexisHR has a bunch of turn-key integrations. We also have an open API. Since companies generally have different needs we've gathered some general information in the article below, but added the possibility to book a tech-call where your IT can discuss their options with us. To get a link to book this, talk to your CSM!

Assigning employees Time reporting policies

During the third phase you set up so called leave types & time off policies. Now it's time to set up time reporting policies and assign these to the correct employees. Just like with leave policies time reporting policies set the rules for who can do what and what should happen.

Note: Timing is a factor here. Once an employee is assigned a time reporting policy the current period will open up for reporting. So if you are currently in a period that should be reported, make sure to set up policies before the next period starts!

Setting up Permissions in AlexisHR

You are in full control of what permission level employees in your account have. This is set by Owners via the Permissions menu.

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