Assigning employees to Departments, Offices & Teams

Now that all employees have been imported to AlexisHR it's time to assign then to departments, offices and teams. This is easily done via the Actions-menu in your People list.

Setting up Time off policies

Time off policies are what decides who can apply for a specific leave type and what should happen when applying for it. We wait until now to set it up because the most important part is making sure the correct people are added to the correct leave.

When you set up a policy you can select all employees, or automate who gets added by selecting an entire department or office.

Uploading company documents

AlexisHR can let you upload documents that you want all employees to see and be able to download. This is useful when it comes to policies or other important documents and information everyone employed at your company should have access to.

Adding documents to employees profiles

Uploading documents is done on each individuals profile. Just visit their profile and go to Documents!

Assigning managers & permissions

Now it's time to decide on who should have what permission and to assign people their manager. There are 3 types of permissions in AlexisHR and an add-on role as Manager (that can be combined with the 3 permissions). You can't assign the Manager role, this is something you become when someone is ret to report to you.

You can read more about Permissions here and about the quickest way to assign permissions and managers here.

Once Managers are set you should be able to see a complete Org. chart!

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