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How to use Custom Fields in AlexisHR

An employee in AlexisHR has some fields available in their profile by default. But you mights want or need more information about your colleagues. This is where Custom Fields comes in.

Using Custom Fields you can collect and track any information you see fit. Currently AlexisHR supports the following data types:

Text - Example: "This is a text"
Yes/No - Example: "No"
Integers (whole numbers) - Example: "3"
Floats (decimals allowed) - Example: "4.74"
Date - Example: "1999-01-01"
Datetime - Example: "1999-01-01 23:56"

You can control the input by making the field Required* and you can also allow people to select a value from a dropdown**. For data type Text you can also allow people to input multiple values.

*Required fields block users from editing the Group the field is in, so they can't leave that field empty.

**When creating a dropdown you can assign a value to the option employees select.

How to use Custom Field - Groups in AlexisHR

Once you've created your custom fields you can group them together to make overview easier. A field must be part of a group to enable it to be visible on employees profiles, via profile templates.

How to use Profile templates in AlexisHR

Once you've set up your Custom Fields and Groups it's time to decide who should have what information on their profile. This is done via Profile templates. Worth noting is that an employee can only be part of one Profile Template.

How to use Onboarding templates in AlexisHR

Once you've figured out what information should be part of your employees profiles it's time to set up your first Onboarding template.

Onboarding templates are used for onboarding existing employees and to onboard new hires in the future.

Since you might want to gather different information depending on what country the employee works (or for different departments/offices etc.) you'll probably need more than one template.

We recommend starting with the template to use when inviting your existing employees into AlexisHR for the first time!

Setting up Workflow templates

There are probably a ton of things you need to prepare when someone is joining or leaving your company. For these internal tasks we have a feature called Workflows. They are, at their core, smart checklists used for on-& offboarding. They are optimized for your internal work, like setting up accounts in different systems or buying/preparing material or making sure some other important task is completed!

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