To activate the integration you need to be an Admin or an Owner in AlexisHR. You also have to have the permission in Google Workspace to set up integrations and create emails.

Via this integration AlexisHR can create emails in Google Workspace during onboarding. Any domain connected to your account can be created (as long as it is marked Active in Google Workspace and not an alias).

Activating the integration takes less than a minute, see video:

Once the integration has been activated you need to make sure to add "Work email" as a field in your onboarding.

If the domain in the work email you enter match a domain in Google Workspace this button will appear in the Summary step of the onboarding. Check the box under "Email provisioning" to create the email.

AlexisHR will send an email to the new hire to activate their new email in Google Workspace either when invite is sent or at a time you pick!

Information sent to Google Workspace

  • First name*

  • Last name*

  • Work email*

  • Private phone (set as recovery number)



Here you can find the most common issues and answers on how to fix them

I can't see the "Email provisioning" information in the Summary step

You need to make sure the onboarding template contains the field "Work email" and that this has been filled out (set the field as required in the template if needed).

There's an error message with the wrong domain in it

AlexisHR can only create email for domains added in Google admin. This is set in your Workspace admin dashboard, see this article.

Permissions required from the user in Google Workspace

These are the permissions the account you link with AlexisHR has to have for the integration to work as expected

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