This article will cover how to set up the integration with Teamtailor as well as how to import the new recruits to Alexis.

Before you can import the new hires to AlexisHR you need to retrieve your API Key and set up the integration. Keep in mind this needs to be done by an admin user in Teamtailor.

Set up the integration

  1. Sign in to your Teamtailor account and go to Settings > Integrations > API (check their Helpdesk here if you are unsure how to retrieve an API key).

  2. Create an Admin API key with a read permission and name of your choice.

  3. Copy your API key and head over to Settings > Integrations in Alexis.

  4. Paste the API key from Teamtailor to Alexis to the correct section (as seen below) and click Integrate. Done!

Importing new recruits from Teamtailor to AlexisHR

Now that the setups are completed, the next step here is to learn how to import the new employees from your Teamtailor to Alexis.

When you have moved a candidate to your "Hired"-column then they will be available to be imported to Alexis.

  1. Go to People > Add > Teamtailor > Import or Company > Integrations > Teamtailor > Import team member.

  2. Here you should be able to see all hires ready to be imported to Alexis. Mark the ones relevant for you and click Create to create an account for and then Import.

Done! Next step is to use our resume onboarding-feature to invite them to AlexisHR. You can read more about how to do it here.

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